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Center Console Cup Holders for Rivian R1T/R1S

Center Console Cup Holders for Rivian R1T/R1S

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Compliment the technology of your Rivian with the technology of this cup holder, with our stabilizing design we are able to bring your extra drinks within arms reach. As an additional bonus it allows for cups with handles!

The cup holder has an easy-to-install and remove design: simply open your center console, attach the stabilizers to the cup holder, then drop it onto your charging pad. No need for complicated installation procedures or tools.

Fear not, this cup holder is sturdy enough to hold your drinks securely while you drive, even completely filled Yetis, without the fear of tipping over. We have stress tested even off-road and it is an impressively capable cup holder.. something we never thought would be said.

The cup holder boasts a generous width, with a diameter of 3.15 inches, accommodating a wide range of beverage vessels.

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